Mickey Williamson

Votaw Tool eCommerce Migration


The Votaw Tool Company is an international supplier of musical instrument repair parts and supplies. After 10 years of significantly customizing and expanding their classic ASP-based eCommerce site, they'd reached the point where it no longer made sense to add more expensive custom functionality to a site built on what had become outdated technology.  It was time to start fresh with a framework that would not only meet their needs but give them room for growth.  They smartly opted for migrating their site to Magento.

As the sole developer on the project, I began building the site through a combination of core Magento along with carefully chosen extensions to get the majority of the functionality they needed for minimal cost and effort. A few custom modules filled in some holes not covered by core or extensions. 

All of the data from the former site (customers, products, orders, etc.) was then migrated from a Microsoft SQL Server database to the migration facilities available in Magento core and a few third-party extensions via various sql commands, spreadsheets, and custom scripts. Consideration needed to be given to migration of passwords with different encryption methods, content in various languages, and many edge cases.  Data needed to be extracted and split into separate fields, links and product references needed to be updated, and general cleanup for consistency was necessary.

The custom design was supplied by a web designer in PSD format from which I derived the elements necessary to create the frontend theme of the site.