Mickey Williamson

Gerson Therapy Android App


  • August 19, 2019

The Gerson Therapy is an alternative treatment for cancer and other chronic, degenerative conditions and is time and work intensive.  There is a lot to remember, particularly in the beginning when a patient is just starting out.  The Gerson Therapy  Support app is designed to help keep track of all the moving parts and keep the patient on schedule.

Currently in the app store in alpha and being tested by a group of volunteers who are on the Gerson Therapy is the first iteration of the app. It allows the patient to check off all the juices, supplements, meals, and tasks required each day.  It includes a few settings to allow a user to choose between the three different Gerson Therapy protocols, what pieces of the therapy they want displayed in the app, and their start date of the therapy. 

The app uses

  • Facebook login
  • Firebase as a backend
  • FirebaseAuth for creating user accounts
  • A home screen widget for viewing the day's schedule
  • PreferenceFragment
  • DialogFragments
  • JodaTime library for handling dates and times